Re. HP64000, aka offering help to duplicate HP64K disquettes

From: Bissonnette, Michel <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 23:39:21 2003

I was brousing the web to see if something new on the web related
to that good old HP 64000 beast.

I collected HP64K related stuff since 6 years and I have about
60 Manuals titles and 40x 5 inches Floppy softwares disk for it.

I Have been faced to the problem of preserving the files on those
old originals Floppies. With the time I found a software for that
usage and wrote a procedure to duplicates the diskettes with a PC.

I will be glad to help anybody who wish to preserve that heritage
especially if you can offer something for trade.
Ex. Cards, pods, accessories, manual, software diskettes, expertise,

Michel B. VE2FYG


Steven N. Hirsch
Tue May 6 06:45:04 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, David and Nancy Keim Comley wrote:

> I brought home an HP64000 development system today. It has the emulation
> pods for the 68000 and 8080A processors, an HP-IB cable plus some other odds
> and ends in the backpack. A peak at the back indicated that it is crammed
> full of cards and 128K memory.
> Unfortunately what it doesn't have is either software or manuals, so this is
> a request to the group for help in that respect. I believe that there was a
> ton of software originally available for this unit to support various
> options and development tools, and I think what I am looking for is at least
> the operating system on floppy so that I can boot it up. Any background
> material on the 64000 would also be appreciated.

You may have yelled just in time. At one point I had (5) of these things
in my garage. Most of the extra hardware is gone (although I may have one
or two extra pods), but I did hang on to a large box of documentation and
have all the latest-and-greatest software on diskette. I was planning a
trip to the landfill, but will hold off on that in case you want any of

If you are located within driving distance of Burlington, VT, you could
also cart away one of the floor-standing 8" hard-disk units (weighs >
100lbs. and stores a whopping 5-MB). I wouldn't even consider shipping
that beast.

Let me know if you are interested in the docs. The diskettes would have
to be duplicated, which means finding time and space to fire up the
remaining system unit and remember how to use it <g>. Perhaps someone on
the list knows of a utility which permits copying the HP64k diskettes on a

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