Floppy drive alignment tools

From: GenealogyPro <GenealogyPro_at_RicVa.net>
Date: Sat Oct 11 17:54:18 2003

Can you identify any sources for floppy drive alignment tools similar to Floppy Tune that was put
out by Data Depot of Clearwater, FL? That company tells me its product has not been available for
more than a year and it is not certain when, if at all, it will again become available? With what I
recall I paid for the same, it would be worthwhile to buy either another copy or a competitor's
produce since the drive I need to realign is in a laptop computer and thus would, unless I could
find a "junked" computer with the same floppy drive that still works, cost as much to replace as
what I originally paid for the laptop itself as I bought it used.


Michael E. Pollock

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