Interesting video!

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> Gene Buckle wrote:
> > In cleaning out some of my old stuff, I ran across a Diamond Stealth 64
> > PCI VGA card. What makes it interesting is that it's got a full size 15
> > pin d-sub connector instead of the 9 pin size, high density 15 pin d-sub
> > connector.
> DA15 (instead of DE15) was commonly used for some Apple monitors.
> PCI made it possible to physically insert Apple PCI cards into PC PCI bus,
> and vice versa.
> The local humane society had a donated PC with such a video card that
> they were using for record keeping of their vet hospital. Their "vertical
> market solutions" vendor insisted on selling them an entire IBM computer,
> "because that one with the weird video connector is too weird!"

Just because the mac went to PCI doesnt mean that any pci card could be used
in a mac. The card would have to have firmware that told the mac what to do
with it, and then drivers/software for it to work with the OS.

Most venders dont want to mess or support other platforms or hardware that
isnt their specialty (especially when they can sell you more hardware to
replace it).

I think most of the diamond cards for the mac were re-rommed for the PC and
sold off into the aftermarket clearence houses who probably sold them with
mac monitors or just mav to vga adapters. Diamonf never sold many if any
cards o the mac crowd.
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