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From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Oct 13 16:40:50 2003

> > Gene Buckle wrote:
> > > In cleaning out some of my old stuff, I ran across a Diamond Stealth 64
> > > PCI VGA card. What makes it interesting is that it's got a full size 15
> > > pin d-sub connector instead of the 9 pin size, high density 15 pin d-sub
> > > connector.
> >
> > DA15 (instead of DE15) was commonly used for some Apple monitors.
> > PCI made it possible to physically insert Apple PCI cards into PC PCI bus,
> > and vice versa.
> >
> > The local humane society had a donated PC with such a video card that
> > they were using for record keeping of their vet hospital. Their "vertical
> > market solutions" vendor insisted on selling them an entire IBM computer,
> > "because that one with the weird video connector is too weird!"

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, TeoZ wrote:
> Just because the mac went to PCI doesnt mean that any pci card could be used
> in a mac. The card would have to have firmware that told the mac what to do
> with it, and then drivers/software for it to work with the OS.
That is why I said, "made it possible to physically insert . . ."

This was a functioning system, with all the right cabling, drivers, etc.

> Most venders dont want to mess or support other platforms or hardware that
> isnt their specialty (especially when they can sell you more hardware to
> replace it).

This vendor wanted to make the hardware sale. Enough to blame "that weird
video" for modem and CD-ROm problems in his software.
(Even after they made the hardware sale of complete system, they still
never got their [software] system to run right)

> I think most of the diamond cards for the mac were re-rommed for the PC and
> sold off into the aftermarket clearence houses who probably sold them with
> mac monitors or just mav to vga adapters. Diamonf never sold many if any
> cards o the mac crowd.

That sounds about right - it was probably a Mac board, but it had PC
compatible ROM and Windoze drivers.
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