cctalk Digest, Vol 2, Issue 13

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Oct 14 00:26:00 2003

"Doc Shipley" <> wrote:
> ObCCmp: I'm looking for a QBus RX02 controller that'll LL-format disks.
> I hear they exist, and right now I have about 30 pounds of very
> interesting 8" placemats.

There isn't an RX02 controller that can do that, because the RX02 drive
box itself can't do it. But if you want to hook up generic 8-inch floppy
drives with a Qbus controller that is software-compatible with the RXV21
and can format disks, I recommend the MXV21 or MXV22. A Google search
reveals that Keyways claims to have them in stock.
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