PDP-11/34A's, 11/05, PDP-8/I backplane for sale in Northern VA

From: Bill Lewis <wrljet_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Oct 15 16:06:09 2003

Any interest among the group in a couple of PDP-11/34A
machines and one 11/05?

The two 11/34A's are in the 10-1/2" boxes.
They each have core memory. I think 128K
but I'm not sure. Have the calculator keyboard
style front panel. Have the printset for
the CPU.

The 11/05 is the 5-1/4" box. Has core memory,
interface card for paper tape reader/punch,
and some other stuff. Plus the add-on upgrade
core memory in another 5-1/4" box. I think
it's 64K words total. Toggle switch front panel.
Have the prints on the CPU and some other related

No racks, and no other peripherals. Some UNIBUS
cables and a few other random cards.
The machines have been out of use for quite some
time and are dusty, and I don't know if they work,
but it's purely an as-is deal.

Additionally, I have a PDP-8/I backplane available.
No front panel and no cards.

For pickup in person only, near Washington DC.

Anybody here want to make me an offer before I put
'em on eBay?


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