DEC Pro 350 For Sale

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Wed Oct 15 16:33:06 2003

Hey, all:

I'm meeting the nicest people lately. :) I've run into someone who
has a DEC Pro 350 which he'd like to sell to a respectful owner. Here's
his description of the system:

> DEC Pro-350 (circa fall 1983)
> 10GB drive
> 2 400K floppies (400K each? 800K each? now I don't remember)
> VT-220 style keyboard and display
> hang-on copyholder for the monitor
> vertical stand for the system unit
> all P/OS diskettes and manuals
> RSX-11M disks and manuals (some are copies)
> Original boxes (unsure of the condition)
> LA-100PC printer
> extra ribbons (if I can find them) - reinkable
> some rom cartridges including Epson MX-80 emulation (again - if I can
> find them)
> no box - sorry
> The BIOS battery is probably dead by now, but it's 3 AAA nicads if I
> remember. Other than that, it's ready to go.

I found it an encouraging sign that he regretted not having the original
printer box. :) Anyway, anyone who has an interest and/or questions
and/or offers can contact the owner directly. His name's Ron Hansen, his
e-mail is <>, and from the e-mails we've exchanged he
sounds like a nice guy. :)


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