question about the TI-52

From: Rick Bensene <>
Date: Thu Oct 16 15:47:07 2003


I'm sorry, but this machine is too "new" for me to have any information on.
I specialize in desktop and
early portable electronic calculators only, from the early 1960's, through
the early '70's. The SR-52 is
a handheld machine, and it outside my area of interest and expertise.

All I can suggest is to search the web for any TI calculator websites (there
are some that I've heard of), or
post a message on the "Vinatage Calculator Forum" at, and see if someone
there might be able to help you.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum

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Subject: question about the TI-52

> Hi, my name is Tobias and i own a TI-52 calculator. As it was given to me,
i'd really like
> to program it(thoug it's as old as me).
> But this model is too old, and i can't get a manual for it.
> So i'd like to enquire whether you know how to get a manual for the TI-52.
> Thanks in advance!
> best regards
> Tobias Petschke
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