Socal finds

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 18:10:05 2003

This has been a nice week, with hopes that one day this week will be even

One of the scrappers let me do some digging that was previously off limits.
Two gaylord (pallet boxes) boxes of memory, one gold fingers, one solder,
only downside was that had to kind of climb into the pallet rack to get
access, and time and light were in short supply. The good news is that I
found about 2 dozen "nice" sticks, and the better news is that he seemed
agreeable to letting me come back and more seriously dig. Most of what I
got were 30 pin 4 mb, but I did find at least 1 16 mb IIfx stick, which
makes me real hot to dig some more.

Cal Poly Pomona hamfest was relocated to the old parking lot to avoid the
HUGE crowds buying pumkins in the student patch. Items I saw, but didn't
buy etc. included, Hero Jr. (fully restored claimed the owner who was
asking for offers and expects a grand or more), a couple of TI printers for
the early calculators, and a Rockwell early desktop calculator thing. My
theory is that a wave of old stuff that people have sat on for years is
showing up as people assume the days for higher prices are passing. Oh, and
one of my friends bought a fairly complete less monitor Next slab.
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