Naming schemes (was upcoming classiccmp wierdness)

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Fri Oct 17 22:32:54 2003

> I'd be interested to find out what network names/nicknames some other
> classiccmpers have given their machines.

Servers are all named after Scandinavian cities (stockholm, oslo [soon],
helsinki, reykjavik and thule).

Clients are all named after significant people in their development, such
as my desktop Mac = bryan (Bryan Stearns), C64 = jack (Tramiel), C128 =
bil (Herd), games 486 = Alex (St. John, the former Microsoft DirectX
evangelist), PM 7100 = carl (Sagan, after its code name), ...

Laptops and portables are all named after dogs, such as rover (SX-64),
fido (HP95), spot (PC-4), lassie (PC-2), ...

Game systems all have girls' names starting with S: Sylvia (Sylvania
Intellivision), Stella (VCS 2600), Sadie (Dreamcast: Dreamcast -> DC
-> CD -> "Sadie").

Clusters have anime family names. The cluster I'm thinking of putting
together to do distributed Veronica-2 searches will be akane, kasumi and

There, that's pretty geeky.

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