Naming schemes (was upcoming classiccmp wierdness)

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Fri Oct 17 22:29:40 2003

Here are the names for my current systems:

Commodore 64C: "Triumph"
Original Apple Macintosh: "Leela"
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A: "Delorean" (Think about it.)
Apple Macintosh Portable: "Monolith"
Tandy Color Computer III: "Spectrum"
Sharp PC-7000: "Boombox" (That's what I thought it was, until I opened it
Tandy 200 Laptop: "Butterfly"
Epson QX-10: "Shapeshifter" (This gem has a Titan graphics & MS-DOS board
in it, hence the name.)
Otrona Attache: "Scout" (Self-explanitory)

--Former systems--

Corona Data Systems PPC-XT: "Yugo"
Grid GridCase3: "Challenger" (Named after the space shuttle. Oddly
enough, this machine started giving off magic smoke plumes, so I tossed

--Prospective System--

HP-85: "Mercury"

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 21:03:46 -0500, "Brian L. Stuart"
<> said:
> > I'd be interested to find out what network names/nicknames some other
> > classiccmpers have given their machines.
> I've been using intellgent computers from sci fi for a while. The
> laptop I'm using now is called nomad (from Star Trek) and my gateway
> is called orac (from Blake's 7). I've got some Suns that I hope to
> have back on-line soon with names like colossus, guardian, hal,
> m5 and zen. Of course, my daughter wanted me to name her machine
> fluffy (from Harry Potter) and my wife's is taliesin (from Arthurian
> legend).
  David Vohs
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