Naming schemes (was upcoming classiccmp wierdness)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 08:40:01 2003

> > I'd be interested to find out what network names/nicknames some
> > classiccmpers have given their machines.

Mine are an assortment of groups.

The SGIs, which are the largest group that are networked, are mindy (my
original Indy), mork (another Indy), mearth (another!), orson (Origin
2000), volgar and exidor (O2s), but the Indigos mostly still have the
names they were given by previous owners (dopey, ziggi, mrtoad, ...).

My laptop is called dancer because it moves about; the windows PC is
called floorbox because it's just a box that sits on the floor. The
NeXT slab is predicably called monolith (blame the previous owner). I
have a few Acorn machines named after districts around Newcastle (which
is where a couple of them came from), and a few other machines
(PDP-11s, microVAXen, a couple of Suns, a Mac, etc) named by their
previous owners.

The network printers are star (a Star Laserprinter8), twinkle (big HP
colour deskjet), and coruscor (made up word, an HP LJ5M PostScript

Most of the rest are functional names (the GatorBox is gator, the
LANmodem is lanmodem, and the ATM switches and bridges are named after
their colours: orange (ATM-Ethernet), red (ATM-FDDI), purple (route
server), magenta (ATM switch)).

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