Naming schemes (was upcoming classiccmp wierdness)

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 20:47:50 2003

On 2003.10.18 06:40 Pete Turnbull wrote:

> Mine are an assortment of groups.
My "primary" names are James, MissSophie, SirTobie, MrWinterbottom and
AdmVonSchneider. If you don't know these names, well, I can't explain
the origin. You have to see the film. ;-)
The next group is ickis, oblina, krumm, Zimbo, TheSnorch, Simon,
TheGromble, ... from a carton.
Then there are some various unsorted names: tester (netboot client of
the day), zerberus (router), octopus (8 port RS232 terminal server),
Apfeltasche (old Apple laptop), ...
At the Unix-AG we have names from "Biene Maja", "The Hitchhiker Guide
to the Galaxy" and "Bonanza".
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