Naming schemes

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 20:54:14 2003

Oh what the heck, why not do my bit to congest the network...

Can't tell who wrote:
> I'd be interested to find out what network names/nicknames some other
> classiccmpers have given their machines.

I picked in the Great Internet Domain Name Land Grab
back in early 1994. Hard to believe what wasn't taken back then.
As to why, well, what do computers do at the least convenient

What logically followed (to me) was a series of names based on
Unix signals. Desktop Desktop Web server Current firewall temporary, new machines File server Old firewall Livingston Portmaster

They've all been different machines at different times, as these
are role-based names as much as anything else. And of course they
have CNAMEs/aliases of the proper format: SIGHUP, SIGINT, etc.

Other naming schemes in use are predictable. The Sun's are Egyptian
gods (Ra Sparc 10/52, Thoth Sparc 20/92 (yes, 90MHz), Horus and
Osiris are Ultra 30's, the Sun-4/260, 3/50 & 3/60 haven't been
revived yet). The DEC MIPS and Alphas are Indian gods (Kali 5000/260,
Hanuman a 3000/300lx, Siva a 600MHz PC164LX rack, new AS1200 and
AS4000 haven't been named yet).

The VAXen don't conform to this, I can't recall the name given to
the uVAX 3400, the VS3100m38 only went far enough to confirm that
it worked, and the 4000/500 is OMEGA. If I get the 11/730 running,
I'll worry about a name then. The big problem there is what to do
for mass storage, as I don't have a Unibus SCSI card and don't
want to use a second backplane. OTOH, it might be faster to boot
diskless and run over the net than hook up an R80...
The DG Aviions aren't really part of the network, and their names
are stopgaps. An AV410 is "lilav", and the AV530's are Edson and
Webo. I can't recall what name was given to the AV5500 just now.

The cluster project was named The individual nodes
(Soyo dual Slot 1 mobo's with Celerons on slockets - gives you an
idea of timeframe!) were arg0, arg1, arg2, etc. I was tempted to
rename the whole cluster argv, but...

Laptops have been Slim (DEC HiNote Ultra), Slate (ThinkPad 600X),
and now Folly (a ThinkPad T23 1400x1050 that I shouldn't have put
the money into).

Network attached HP LaserJet 4+ is Hardcopy.
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