The UNIBUS FAQ is wrong about grant cards, isn't it?

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 21:34:30 2003

Hi, the UNIBUS FAQ sais that the grant cards G727A is a dual-height
card with NPG grant. But from the cards I have I see the G727A is
a single height card with only bus grant, not NPG, and it is a
knucklebuster. The one that's dual-height and has handles is the
G7273. I also have a 3rd party vendor dual height bus+NPG grant card.
I suppose it shouldn't be too hard to make grant cards yourself.

I think I have my VAX11/780 UNIBUS under control now. I threw out
all cards except for the UDA50 pair, put in a new terminator and
filled all with appropriate grant cards. Now the UDA50 initializes
fine and I get the 8/9 blink fine the port-A light goes on on the
RA90. Still the VAX doesn't seem to get anywhere and after a while
the lights go off. May be I'm too impatient and should just wait
long enough?

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