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> On 19 Oct 2003, R. D. Davis wrote:
> > minorities (more like majorities in many areas though) and immigrants
> > working in those big stores don't appear to be able to do! (yes, I know,
> > that wasn't a politically correct statement, however, it was the truth;
> > screw political correctness, which is helping to destroy western
> > civilization)
> Except for the fact that most of the immigrants I know speak English much
> better than the *vast* majority of n-th generation Americans I know. Most
> Americans I run across can't understand English for shit.
> Peace... Sridhar

It used to be immigrants coming to the USA had problems with English because
it wasn't taught in their schools (if they even went to school). Today
foreign schools teach English better then most English schools while foreign
students probably try harder to learn then the vast majority of American
youth. When I was in college during the late 80's and early 90's the foreign
students were the ones trying very hard to study and learn everything while
most Americans were off at the frat house getting drunk. Its easy to get fat
and lazy when you live in the land of plenty and consider yourself to be
destined to have a good job and life because your an American. People from
countries outside the USA have to try very hard to get the same
opportunities we take for granted here and are not eager to blow it if they
are one of the lucky few to make it here. Ever wonder why most post graduate
courses in college are flooded with people of other countries?

The problem I have with political correctness is that students today are not
graded like they used to be, who actually flunks out of English in
elementary schools even if they cant read? Its not politically correct to
tell a parent their kid is stupid because it will make them feel bad. Are we
better off with "no child is left behind" in our school system when it just
lowers the requirements so everybody can get an A and pass (are schools even
using a grading system anymore or just pass/fail with everyone passing?).
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