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>> On 19 Oct 2003, R. D. Davis wrote:
>> > minorities (more like majorities in many areas though) and immigrants
>> > working in those big stores don't appear to be able to do! (yes, I know,
>> > that wasn't a politically correct statement, however, it was the truth;
>> > screw political correctness, which is helping to destroy western
>> > civilization)
>> Except for the fact that most of the immigrants I know speak English much
>> better than the *vast* majority of n-th generation Americans I know. Most
>> Americans I run across can't understand English for shit.
>> Peace... Sridhar
>It used to be immigrants coming to the USA had problems with English because
>it wasn't taught in their schools (if they even went to school). Today
>foreign schools teach English better then most English schools

  That might have something to do with the fact that American schools are
busy teaching languages OTHER than English! Things like Spanish,
Vietnamese, Korean, Eubonics and crap like that. I read that the schools in
Kalifornia and now teaching something like 31 different languages!

  Other than that I agree with everything you said.

  Don't get me started about the school system! I just got back from
vistiting relatives including two of them that work in "special education"
in the school system. BOTH of them work full time but only work with ONE
student each. Multiple that times a million or so special education sudents
in this country. It's no wonder that the schools can't manage to teach the
regular students.

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