How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools" do you use?

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Date: Tue Oct 21 10:56:32 2003

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, JP Hindin wrote:

> I am faced with picking up a sizeable IBM some hours from where I live
> in the next few weeks. What I had originally planned to do has fallen
> through, and now I am left trying to work out how best to lift what has
> been estimated as 800+lbs of 1978 IBM.

Truck with liftgate is your friend.

> I have a decent half-ton pickup truck, its more than plenty for carrying
> this machine home. The magic trick is - how do I get the heavy sucker
> into the deck?

There are two methods:
1. Get a Forklift. Any forklift, even a tiny one will do.
2. Use a metal ramp and get six or seven large friends.

> I was planning on "borrowing" another truck with a lift-gate on it, to
> lift the IBM up to the pickup deck height, and then waffling it into the
> pickup. That has fallen through, and actually renting one is, as far as
> I'm concerned, cost prohibitive ($78 + 29c/mile + $150 deposit).
> If you were to move this IBM, how would you have done it? Keep in mind
> while I can cover $100 worth of gas for my pickup - more than that is a
> pinch.

With your limitations, find a few strong friends and use a metal moving

Peace... Sridhar
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