How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools" do you use?

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Date: Tue Oct 21 11:12:24 2003

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> > the back yard. I had quite a time running backward behind a Prime 5340
> > on a pallet jack, trying to keep myself from being run over, and
> > trying to slow the computer down. All went fine, getting the smaller
> > drive
> !!!
> You're lucky you weren't killed! Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, walk in
> front of a heavy load like that downhill. I don't care how strong
> and/or confident you are.

I've done what he described, but the pallet jack I was using had a brake
that activated when you release the handle. I wouldn't have done it
without that brake.

If you have a large enough number of people on a load, you can survive
quite a lot. I once had a VAX 6000 fall on me from a little more than two
feet off the ground. Because there were enough people to move it before
it crushed me (and they were all paying attention), I got off with just
sore joints and muscles.

Peace... Sridhar
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