DEC Roamabout?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 17:30:43 2003

> Nyone here (relly) familiar with these beasties? I now have
> two sets of them, and gawdamit, they dont talk together. I
> have one set being the DEIRB-AG (my first set), and the set
> of new cards are DEIRB-DA's. Cant yet tell whether its the
> cards, their firmware or the drivers. Although... I tried
> one of the DA's in my access point, and that one doesnt seem
> to be too happy with the card, either, so it could well be
> the card or its firmware...

The Roamabouts initially came out way before 802.11b and so
they did their own thing. Once 802.11b became the way to go
the firmware changed to follow the rest of the world. (I don't
recall whether the previous scheme was in any way better or
worse than 802.11b, but it was incompatible).

The latest 802.11b firmware *was* available at the dnpg
site until quite recently but the last time I looked the
page(s) for their "legacy" stuff were not responding.

The *older* firmware is no longer easily available. I know
people have looked for it before now, so if you do find it,
it's worth hanging on to. I have no idea if it's possible
to extract the firmware from the device (probably not).

Your problem could, of course, be something else entirely.
If you have some 802.11b gear around, you could see if either
set will talk to (or even just see) that.


Antonio Carlini   
Received on Tue Oct 21 2003 - 17:30:43 BST

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