SYSTEM 80 Schematics

From: Kane, David <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 18:22:12 2003

The technical manual is hosted on Terry Stewart's great System 80 site

The site has the manual with the copyright owners permission which
includes the schematics.


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Subject: SYSTEM 80 Schematics


I just found you message about having the ciruit diagrams for a Disk
Smith System 80. I found one of these the other day in a recyling center
and always had a soft spot for them as it was first computer. The one I
found works, but has a problem in the video circuit. It is repairable,
but would be a lot easier if I had schematics to work from (I collect
video games from the same era as well so my skills in repairing these
would help me a great deal :) If you have a scan or even a photocopy of
this manual, I would glady purchase it off you.

Cheers, Geoff
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