ARM Evaluation System discs

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 18:12:05 2003

Some of you will remember a thread earlier this year, in which various
of us discussed the ARM Evaluation System -- an ARM Second Processor
for a BBC Microcomputer -- and bemoaned either our lack of discs, or
that we had a Disc 1 that was corrupt.

Well, thanks to a kind benefactor who provided me with an *un*corrupt
Disc 1, I've been able to copy them and make them available on my
website. If you have an ARM Evaluation System and need the software,
go to

What's there are ZIP files; I thought about making disc images, but I
can't get Xfer to behave :-( However, the discs are just normal ADFS
discs, and my webpage has links to the things required to unpack them
on a Beeb or an Arc (or later RISC OS machine) so there shouldn't be
any problem. However, if anyone on the list deperately needs actual
and can provide me with suitable blanks (5.25" DSDD or 3.5" DSDD, not
HD), I'll be happy to make copies.

Apologies to those who're on both the BBC Micro list and the ClassicCmp
list, and get two copies of this. To those who're on both *and* in my
private "ARMeval" list, well, good things always come in threes :-)

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