Tandy 1000 HX Problem

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Date: Tue Oct 28 05:20:54 2003

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> Check the floppy disk cable and the drive select jumpers on the drive.
> Generally, the drive jumpers are set for disk 1 (of 0 - 3) and the
> floppy disk cable has a twist in it (don't confuse it with the MFM HD
> cable that also has a twist) with the drive at the end of the twist
> being the A drive. But there were exceptions :).

After doing some more googling I figured out I needed the HX setup disk to
update the EEPROM and the other drive came to life (had to download 1 small
file from the net). The drive jumpers were just a slider that sets the drice
from a to d (had those set correctly). The cable was flat and there are no
twists in it. The ends are keyed so that you dont flip them and fry the
motherboard/floppies (tandy drives are powered from the floppy interface

All in all its pretty easy to expand this system considering its age.
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