Tandy 1000 HX Problem

From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Tue Oct 28 07:07:21 2003

That applies only to the HX-Ex series. The 1000, 1000A, 1000Sx, 1000TX
series use a standard floppy that is not powered from the floppy cable,
but the drive jumpers are used to control drive select and the cable
does not have the usual twist. Also, 1000 series systems of this
vintage, use the keyboard controller chip to control the floppy drives
and a defective floppy or cable will disable or destroy the keyboard
interface (don't ask how I know).

I happen to have the Tandy 1000 technical reference manual. I really
need to scan it sometime.

The Tandy systems are very easy to expand. The hardest part is the DMA
chip on the memory board instead of the motherboard. one you have a
memory=plus board, expansion is very easy.


TeoZ wrote:

>After doing some more googling I figured out I needed the HX setup disk to
>update the EEPROM and the other drive came to life (had to download 1 small
>file from the net). The drive jumpers were just a slider that sets the drice
>from a to d (had those set correctly). The cable was flat and there are no
>twists in it. The ends are keyed so that you dont flip them and fry the
>motherboard/floppies (tandy drives are powered from the floppy interface
>All in all its pretty easy to expand this system considering its age.
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