Dealing with the Press

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 11:35:18 2003

"evan" <> wrote:
> In fact, local newspapers are still the
> heart of American journalism, and most do a superb at
> covering their regions and small towns, in a way that
> the AP or CNN never will be able to do.

Huh? Every time a newspaper run a story about *anything* I happen
to know about (not just tech), the story is riddled with
inaccurate, distorted, or just plain wrong information. I can
hardly believe that I'm unique in this regard, so presumably
for the stories that I don't have direct knowledge of, other
readers who are would would have the same reaction. Thus I am
forced to conclude that *everything* they publish is at that
level of "quality", or at least such a high percentage that I'm
disinclined to believe just about anything I read in the paper.

If the newspaper said the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I'd want
to find an another source to confirm it.

That said, I think television news tends to be even worse.
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