Dealing with the Press

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 14:52:08 2003

Eric Smith wrote:

>"evan" <> wrote:
>>In fact, local newspapers are still the
>>heart of American journalism, and most do a superb at
>>covering their regions and small towns, in a way that
>>the AP or CNN never will be able to do.
>Huh? Every time a newspaper run a story about *anything* I happen
>to know about (not just tech), the story is riddled with
>inaccurate, distorted, or just plain wrong information. I can
>hardly believe that I'm unique in this regard, so presumably
>for the stories that I don't have direct knowledge of, other
>readers who are would would have the same reaction. Thus I am
>forced to conclude that *everything* they publish is at that
>level of "quality", or at least such a high percentage that I'm
>disinclined to believe just about anything I read in the paper.
>If the newspaper said the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I'd want
>to find an another source to confirm it.
>That said, I think television news tends to be even worse.
How about a local paper that frequently hyphenates the word "the".

Every article, no matter how long, is continued on another page, and the
page listed in "continued on xxx" is rarely the correct page number,
if the continuation exists. The continued section is frequently continued
again, and again.

You will find the same article printed twice in one section, sometimes
side by side, with different captions.

They also, apparently, never use a spell checker.

Then, you get to the content...
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