hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :) AND Re: RFQ Fluke pods

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Date: Tue Oct 28 14:37:09 2003

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> This is exactly the kind of non-member posting that I've been
> complaining about. Artfromny is not a computer collector, he is a well
> known seller of Fluke pods on E-bay. He doesn't want these for repairing
> classic computers. He wants them to sell on E-bay.
> Joe

I agree non-members posts should not hit this list. But lets say this guy
googled his way into finding an item he could sell and then joined the list
so he could buy the items for resale, is that a bad thing? Judging from the
few firesales that have happened in the last few months and the fact that
the Vintage Computer Marketplace has come about are resellers discouraged
from joining the list?

I am just curious since the items I buy/get are for my personal collection
and not for sale. I am typing this on a Northgate keyboard I got from a
member here and have noticed some of the new messages asking about a
northgate keyboard for sale from way back when (they fetch a few bucks on
ebay). If I did have something in excess that I wanted to sell I would
rather see it go to somebody who would use it (like list members) then
somebody who is just going to flog it on ebay for a buck.

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