list change

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 18:32:18 2003

Stan wrote....
> I hope it's setup a bit more leniently for existing subscribers.
> I.e., it should be possible for a CCTALK subscriber to post to CCTECH
> and vice versa ... for obvious reasons.
But that's the whole point... if a cctalker posts to cctalk, he IS posting
to cctech by doing so. He should NOT post to cctech directly or he will get
rejected as he should be. And a cctecher posting to cctech IS posting to
cctalk, just by posting to cctech.

One more time... if someone posts to cctech, the list server automatically
cross posts the same message to cctalk - for him - he doesn't need to do it.
This happens instantaneously. If someone posts to cctalk, the list software
posts the message to cctech as well automatically, but, it's held for

Hummm Maybe to drive this point home I need to disallow posts to cctalk, and
disallow posts to cctech email addresses for ANYTHING. Instead, everyone
will have to post to, which is really what they
should be doing anyway because there really isn't two separate lists. There
is ONE list, but with two views.

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