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From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 20:38:33 2003

Patrick wrote...
> >Do you not realize that Jay is probably moderating these onto the list,
> >that someone might see them and help the person out?
Joe replied...
> Yes, And your point is?

His point is mine. Sometimes, not rarely, but not often, I space out and
just don't realize it's a nefarious poster. Many times I conciously approve
the post. Joe, if you had 50 vintage computer widgets that you didn't care
about, wouldn't you like to see some big corporation post and say "I need 50
widgets desperately, I'll pay $200 each". Not to mention, as we all know...
new acquisitions come from the strangest places. Maybe the person looking
for the fluke pods (or something like that) might say in passing after the
off-list contact "hey, I know where there is a computer you might want, I
think it's called a Decsystem 2020". Yeah, I know that's not common. But do
we not have a duty as collectors to educate and represent the hobby in the
best light?

Patrick wrote...
> I doubt these
> >people are so clueless that they're going through the trouble to sign up
> >to the list, and post a message that sounds like they think they're
> >talking to just one person.'
Joe replied...
> Your're completely wrong here. First, they DON'T sign up to the list.
> Second, most of them obviously think they're talking to one person and
> no clue that they're talking to a list of 500+. All you have to do to
> determine that is to read the messages.

SO WHAT if they think they are talking to one person and they are really
talking to a list? Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see why we should pounce on
someones lack of knowledge. Well, at least make an argument for the case I
can get my head around. In the absence of some cogent reasoning, your
statement sounds.. well... elitist.

Patrick wrote....
> >I'm sorry for the rant, but seeing this topic come up week after week
> >really gets old.
Joe replied...
> No more tiring than having to wade through endless piles of these
> messages everyday! If these people are seriously interested in classic
> computers then they should join the list and post their questions
> accordingly. This stuff of them just throwing out of date and irrelevent
> messages out on the list is for the birds!

I prefer to look at it this way Joe... Someone asks for help with an old
system they happen to still have or use. We help them out. They may BECOME
collectors and get interested and join the list. If someone has to be
seriously interested in classic computers before they join the list, we
would have a small and shrinking member base. And on this list, since when
is "out of date" a bad thing? *GRIN*

And Joe, just for the record - I do agree with you up to a point.

Ok, I'm back to list maintenance :)
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