hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :) AND Re: RFQ Fluke pods

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 20:21:04 2003

ok, I give.

When one goes to approve messages, one sees the subject line, not the text
of the message. If the subject line looks reasonable I pass it. If the
subject line looks suspect (or the originating email address does) then I
take the time to click the message and read the full text. I read the entire
list traffic in my OWN mailbox, so when I go to moderate/approve posts I
generally have some memory of what went OT and what didn't. But hey, I'm
human, and make mistakes, and often try to just get through it quickly. I
was really hoping to not have my moderation tasks take hours instead of
minutes twice a day.

In retrospect, this is a bad algorithm on my part. Makes it hard to catch
originally valid threads that have drifted off topic. I'll just double my
time moderating. No Problem, time is easy (sarcasm).

Many times I see non-members post to the list obviously from a google
search. Many times I sympathize with the guy, looking for something obscure.
God knows *I'VE* been there. I shouldn't be so free with your guys time to
delete the posts :) Instead, I'll have to be more free with my time. Thanks
for letting me know "Artfromny" is a ebay profiteer, I had no clue. I need
to spend a lot more time scanning ebay and keeping track of this stuff!!

Ok, enough whiny sarcasm on my part. I'm actually in a heated contest with
"Grumpy Ol' Fred" to steal his "Grumpy" title *GRIN* But seriously, one list
member has been kind enough to offer his time to you all to help keep the
flow of moderated posts going, and to more closely check the content. I
could always use another person or two to help flag posts as
"accept/reject/discard". Any takers? Joe, you offering? :)

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