How about a PDP-10? (RE: A real PDP-8 that you can hang on yo ur w all!)

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 07:46:47 2003

Well, I do not know (did not check...) the PDP-10 support in SIMH
*if* it is available. Otherwise you could add the PDP-10 :-)
I am still working (though it's been a year since I actually have
spent time on it) on a self-made PDP-11/40 console that can be
connected to E11. However, that would also require some work to
be done by John Wilson. Within a few months I will start work on
the adaptation of the SIMH code to include this *real* console.
E11 support is for later ...
For an impression see click the link "homebrew PDP-11".

  - Henk.

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> Any chance you guys might try do this for a PDP-10? ;-) A KA10 front
> panel would be a bit bigger, but would provide plenty of
> room for the more complex emulator circuitry...
> And yes, I know there are software-based '10 emulators, but for
> some reason I can't explain, I've always desired a hardware-based
> 10 emulator (like the XKL, only affordable).
> -al-
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