How about a PDP-10? (RE: A real PDP-8 that you can hang on yo ur w all!)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 09:27:31 2003

>Well, I do not know (did not check...) the PDP-10 support in SIMH
>*if* it is available. Otherwise you could add the PDP-10 :-)

SIMH supports the KS10 (it didn't have a front panel, just something like three switches), for KL10B support you need to go with KLH10 (or maybe TS10, I'm not sure how far it has progressed). Only the KS10 and KL10 are currently supported by emulation.

I believe the FPGA Clone being done by David G. Conroy is a cross between a KA10 and the KL/KS. I think the one that Neil Franklin's working on is a cross between a KS, KL, and XKL10.

For a rundown on the mostly current state of PDP-10 emulation, see:

>I am still working (though it's been a year since I actually have
>spent time on it) on a self-made PDP-11/40 console that can be
>connected to E11. However, that would also require some work to
>be done by John Wilson. Within a few months I will start work on
>the adaptation of the SIMH code to include this *real* console.
>E11 support is for later ...
>For an impression see click the link "homebrew PDP-11".

SIMH doesn't currently include any support for connecting real hardware does it? ISTR, that E11 has at least partial support for this.


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