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Date: Thu Oct 30 07:47:36 2003

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> Hmmm don't know what to say, but he's obviously trying to make a living
> from the hardware, not using it or restoring it. I think most of us are
> in this hobby for the love of it, not the love of $$$$$$$. My $.02 worth.
> Gary Hildebrand
> ST. JOseph, MO

Dont the two go hand in hand? All established collectables have people who
support them for money. How many people would have a Joe Dimageo rooky card
in their collection if somebody didnt scour the world offering decent money
for people to dig out the baseball card collection from the attic? If
something you collect is thought of as junk to be scrapped by 99.99999% of
the rest of the world odds are its getting scrapped. Anyway I think there is
a difference between somebody selling old parts on the side for a few bucks
compared to the guy waiting for an establishment to need a critical part and
then charging major money to the person in need. One is doing it to support
their hobby or for extra cash while the other is definatly a buisiness.
Anyway I say let anybody join who wants to and if they dont follow the rules
they get a swift boot.
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