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From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 08:03:54 2003

        Like the others, I would also say yes to letting him in. Obviously,
make sure he knows the rules of the clubhouse, but otherwise there is no
reason to exclude him. It may very well happen that someone will be
looking for some odd, rare part, and he might remember that he has it in
his warehouse.
        And if he does want to sell stuff here, I like the idea of having him
post only once a week (or month), and with an appropriate subject line
tag like For Sale, Advertisement, or something to that effect. Of
course, if he does have a PDP that he has to get rid of ASAP, I'm sure
exceptions can be made for stuff like that.

        Comcast? Hmmm, I wonder if he works with that Computer Recycling place
in North Branford CT, that I mentioned last week?

Jay West wrote:
> This guy asked nicely to join the list.. I asked him what he collects and
> below is the response I got. As I said before, I don't intend to post these
> kinds of emails to the list, but this one I'm a little torn on and not sure
> what to do. Do you guys think this person should be on the list? Let him on
> with a warning? I'm kinda leaning towards "no", but... You guys tell me!
> Jay
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> From: "Bill Rowe" <>
> > hi jay,
> >
> > i buy/sell surplus computer and test and measurement equipment so i have a
> > warehouse full of vintage stuff such as......

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