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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 10:56:34 2003

> Hmmm don't know what to say, but he's obviously trying to make a living
> from the hardware, not using it or restoring it. I think most of us are
> in this hobby for the love of it, not the love of $$$$$$$. My $.02 worth.

Gary, I have to disagree, there's nothing better than people
wo do support existing computers to run (for examle by selling
replacements) or put surplus hardware to a new use. And someone
making a living thereof is to me a fine businessman (unless I
learn otherwise). Just hording computers and storeing them away
as a lot (including me) do, is only the second best solution.

And having the chance to _show_ to a professional dealer that
there's another way to trun around his stock than scraping it
for the metal value is our chance. This is something I try to
bring to as many surplus people as possible, if they can sell
a pice of hardware for 5 bucks as scrap metal (if it does not
sell for more in the first place) then it's equaly fine to go
and get the same 5 Bucks from a collector.

If a surplus dealer (as the Bill seams to be) is interested to
talk (and deal) with the Collectors/Classic-Enthusiasts we should
be happy ot include and educate him.

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