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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 10:41:40 2003

> This guy asked nicely to join the list.. I asked him what he collects and
> below is the response I got. As I said before, I don't intend to post these
> kinds of emails to the list, but this one I'm a little torn on and not sure
> what to do. Do you guys think this person should be on the list? Let him on
> with a warning? I'm kinda leaning towards "no", but... You guys tell me!

This list has been so successful over the years because it's
open to every person and opinion on this planet (with a mild
suggestion to stay on topic). Unlike a.f.c where moderation
and watchdogs stop it from using the potential.

The question itself about 'this person' is already a degradeing
and not wothy issue. I'd say let everyone in, of course by making
it clear that this isn't exactly ebay.

Just because he's professional about old computers doesn't make
him 'unworthy'. We have more than one member who earns money by
selling/maintaining/programming/consulting around old hardware.

And what's even more importand (if we already go into the ugly
arena of judgeing people without knowing) he is honest about his
professional background.

I'd be more than happy to wellcome him in our round. And NO, he
does not need a _warning_ he hasn't done anything, all that's
needed is a clear definition of the (main) purpose of the list
to EVERYONE joining, no matter what they tell.


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