ADMIN: another RFC

From: Patrick Rigney <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 11:58:01 2003

> Just because he's professional about old computers doesn't make
> him 'unworthy'. We have more than one member who earns money by
> selling/maintaining/programming/consulting around old hardware.

Hans, well done/said.

Actually, I have to add, it's a little alarming to me that this conversation
is even happening. While the list is Jay's to administer, at what point did
the current membership become judge and jury in deciding who shall be a
member and who shall not? And why are we on the cusp of convicting someone
of an ill they have not yet even committed, and may never commit?

I'm not an anarchist, by any means. It's great being a part of a
hobby/interest/lifestyle that is legal and harmless, open to anyone, and
where people possess huge amounts of knowledge and great enthusiasm to share
it. Deciding in advance that someone isn't worthy or appropriate to be on
this list, before they've sent one byte to it, is inconsistent with the
spirit of community it's intended to foster.

And that's my $0.02.
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