Another EBAY item, I wish I could get

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 12:36:10 2003

> > > Damm! Why is this stuff always on the wrong side of the continent?
> >try "world" ... for us poor europeans...

> Speak for yourself! Atari & Amiga hardware is a lot easier to find in
> Europe than it is in rural America (I just happen to be a Rural American...
> ;-) -- between one friend and myself, we probably own around 50% of the
> classic machines in the county - population 34.000.

Wow. If I look around here in the greater Munich area, i'd be happy
to have some 1-2% of the total classic comp population ... we have :)

> If you wanted to get a Medusa, where do you go? Europe. How about a Hades?
> Europe. I submitted *several* emails to the Atari ST 3rd party companies
> trying to get information on becoming a US dealer; no matter the cost. No
> response whatsoever. :-(

THey are often not ready for that. Most of them are rather small
Companies, or in most cases single person, not realy ready for
business, and rather driven by the idea. I'm trying since years
to get manufacturers of modern classic systems (like Hades, or
Milan or QL40 or,or,or) to paricipate at the VCFe, which would
be a direkt hit to their target market (oly a collector is weired
enough to pay the price of a new PC for a classic compatible machine,
people still using for example a Falcon don't need anything faster),
but I get close to no response.

> And in the more populous areas where pickin's are easier... we still have
> more crime, slow autobahns, and *really* *bad* *beer*.

No, that's not true, you may have some slow highways, but slow
Autobahns are limited to Germany - where basicly _every_ Autobahn
is so crowded that a parking lot gives you a better driving
experience. If you'll do an average over all Autobahns and
US Interstates, the Interstate system will come out first.
At least when counting cars per kilometer.

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