OT: Autobahns & Re: Another EBAY item, I wish I could get

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Thu Oct 30 16:15:10 2003

Rumor has it that Hans Franke may have mentioned these words:

>Wow. If I look around here in the greater Munich area, i'd be happy
>to have some 1-2% of the total classic comp population ... we have :)

So would I... ;-)

> > [snip re: Medusa/Hades/Milan/etc]
>THey are often not ready for that. Most of them are rather small
>Companies, or in most cases single person, not realy ready for
>business, and rather driven by the idea.

Then maybe their websites shouldn't say "Email me here if you want to be a
dealer! We'll get right back with you!" Or even just email me back saying
"Holy Scheisse! We're not ready to have a US Dealer!" Or even... "There's
no dealer discount or anything, and I only make 2 per week..." or
whatever... The lack of response is what I was upset about.

If their website said: "Email us and we'll never answer you back because
this is just a *#!%^~(_at_ hobby for us, but we wanted to put out a webpage"
--> that would have been just fine, then. ;-)

> > And in the more populous areas where pickin's are easier... we still have
> > more crime, slow autobahns, and *really* *bad* *beer*.
>No, that's not true, you may have some slow highways, but slow
>Autobahns are limited to Germany - where basicly _every_ Autobahn
>is so crowded that a parking lot gives you a better driving
>experience. If you'll do an average over all Autobahns and
>US Interstates, the Interstate system will come out first.
>At least when counting cars per kilometer.

Then things sure have changed from when I was there... I drove from Oerbke
(I think that's the spelling... it's been a while since '91... 12-year
brainfog) - 50km north of Hannover, anyway - I was driving an American
Military vehicle (CUCV -> Chevy Blazer for those who've seen one) 130kph up
to Bremerhaven (with oversized balloon tires only designed to withstand
72kph - it was *bouncy*!!) and rarely did those little, dinky,
currently-domestic Porches & Mercedes drop below 170kph, even in the
construction zones! Some of them zipped past me near cm away - that was a
rather hectic ride!

The bus trip I took to Berlin was similarly unencumbered by traffic, until
we got into the city proper (which still isn't as bad on the stretch of
Interstate 75 between Bay City & Detroit, MI, at least IMHO... imagine 30km
of 25kph travel out of 100km, if you catch it the wrong time...)

And you had *no* witty comeback about the beer... ;-) ;-)

To bring this back ontopic... I'm *still* trying to work out getting over
to VCF Europa... we'll see...

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

P.S. I don't have a Deutschland map handy... how far away is Munich from

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