New member introduction, questions on HP 21XX series machines, reliability and maintainability

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 16:08:51 2003

Guy Sotomayor wrote:


>The HPs use CML (Current-Mode-Logic) which is a little bit strange but
>there are replacement boards available (from dealers and others).

Err, thats not exactly correct. Early HP's use CTL logic, like the 956,
etc. Its similar to TTL
but with an uncommited emitter output stage. Logic supplies are +4.5
and -2.


>There are two 2116Bs on e-bay at the moment. So they are starting to
>show up some. The 2116 has the advantage over say the 2115 in that you
>can put 16K in the base cabinet (the C can have 32K).
The 2116 has lost of slots and watts, but, it sucks power at an awesome

If you want to run the machine often and hard, get a HP 21MX processor
like the 2113. This gives
much more performance, up to 2 mb of RAM, and at less than a third of
the power draw of a 2116.

And I'm a 2116 fan, I have two of them!

2115's are unobtanium, many HP dealers have yet to see one. I've been
collecting HP's for a long
time and I've only seen one. It was quite unpopular because it missed
the cost / performance curve
of the larger and smaller machines of the same class. Its also limited
to 8K words of core.

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