Digital DSM Disribution tape

From: Luc Vande Velde <>
Date: Mon Sep 1 15:07:00 2003

Can you tell me a bit more about this virtual tape creation?
I have a few PDP11's working but they all run DSM
It's the only Digital operating system I know - I never used RSX RT11 and
I also have a 9track tapecontroller for pc and a Kennedy 9600 drive on it
but this was used on MSM (the pc version of DSM made by Micronetics)and they
controlled the drive direct without os intervention.


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[]Namens SP
Verzonden: maandag 1 september 2003 21:32
Onderwerp: Re: Digital DSM Disribution tape

The way would be to do one copy of the tape contents in one virtual tape
available to use with one of the PDP11 simulators availables. I use SIMH
and I should like to manage DSM some time :-)


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