Digital DSM Disribution tape

From: SP <>
Date: Mon Sep 1 14:45:01 2003

The way would be to do one copy of the tape contents in one virtual tape
available to use with one of the PDP11 simulators availables. I use SIMH
and I should like to manage DSM some time :-)



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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 9:21 PM
Subject: Digital DSM Disribution tape

> Someone asked a few weeks ago for a copy of the DSM distribution
> tape.(9track 1600bpi)
> I found it back this afternoon (by accident in a search for some other old
> stuff)
> To make it clear - this is the native version of DSM (Digital Standard
> Mumps) version 3.3
> and it runs only on PDP11 not on vax or other PDP's
> Min. machine on UNIBUS = 11/40 on QBUS = 11/23
> If someone can tell me how to make it available I have my ears wide open;
> if someone is willing to do that's even better
> gr.
> Luc
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