Shipping from England

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 13:24:00 2003

> > Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to have any idea just
>> how much it would cost to ship a 12 Volume Encyclopedia set
>> from England to the West Coast?
>See if you have better luck with the ParcelForce website
>than I did: You'll have to supply
>it with some info like weight and size. Guessing for these
>I ended up with something like ?40 ($60) but it's easy to
>drive this up or down, try airmail if you need a shock :-)

Thanks for the info!

The non-airmail is enough of a shock. The set weighs in at about 15Kg, so I listed it as 18Kg to allow for error and packaging. I came up with about ?80 shipping on something that's currently at ?31 on eBay.

Somehow I just don't think I'll bother bidding on this as I don't think I want to pay to ship it :^/

> > P.S. Yes, I'm seriously thinking of getting a set of
>> Encyclopedia's from England.
>Out of interest - a set of Encyclopedia's what exactly :-)

"National Encyclopedia 12 Vols 1870's"

I'm looking for 2-3 old (1870's to 1930's timeframe) Encyclopedia's for a couple of writing projects. I probably should be smart and see what all is available in this area.

OK, I just realized something, it should be 13 volumes, and it's missing one volume. I *definitely* won't be bidding on it.


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