Cool finds! Mutltibus weather computer

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 14:07:01 2003

        Went out this past weekend and found several interesting items. The
weirdest is a Kavouras Triton SX computer built by Kavouras in Minneapolis.
This thing is a Multibus computer and has a bunch of ports on the back,
including a lot of video, sync and color ports. Also ports for terminal,
MODEM, tablet, control and <B>Doppler</B>! I searched the net and the only
thing that I could find out about Kavouras was that they deal with weather
forecasting and broadcasting. Finally found this link,
<>, and realized that what I
have is probably a computer used to generate graphics for weather
forecasting. Neat! Probably too unique just to scrap for parts. Anyone
interested in it? I'll swap for something useful/interesting or sell it for
a few bucks. Has a hard drive and floppy drive in it. It looks complete but
some of the cables have been unplugged from the cards and I don't know
where they go so I haven't tried to power it up.

PS other finds included two dedicated computers with a pile of PC/104 cards
in them.
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