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From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 12:21:01 2003

> No reason for a correction: it was indeed DECnet and LAT

BTW: Someone else said that DS100 was the DEC first terminal
server. But the DECSA (PDP-11/24 based) preceded it. (I think
that was code named Pluto; if it wasn't, then there must have
been an even earlier one).

> only. Somebody please fill me in, but I think the DECserver 300 was
> first to talk Telnet, starting at firmware V2.0?

The DS100 and DS200 didn't do telnet, at least none o fmine ever did
and I think I had the latest download code for both of them. The
DS300 did, and you may be right about V2.0 firmware being required.

> Except, perhaps, that thickwire was the "normal Ethernet" at
> those times.

Thickwire was common, but Thinwire was certainly on the up and up.
Even thickwire tended to be mostly a big yellow snake in the ceiling
dropping down to racks with DELNIs and then AUI to everything in the

> DECnet (MOP, to be more precise) was used for software download and

> from terminal ports to hosts on the net). LAT is *not* part of DECnet
> (which is often claimed), it's a separate protocol. However, it was
> common to run LAT on a host that also would run DECnet.

MOP isn't part of DECnet either.

> The DECserver 100 hardware is, BTW, based on a Motorola
> 68000, and there
> is even a low-level monitor program included in the load software, so
> you can retrieve hex dumps from the DECserver's memory etc.

There used to be a tech manual for one of (or maybe both of) the
DS100 or DS200 with enough detail that you could write your own
firmware for it. I've never seen that manual, but it would be
nice if it magically appeared and someone scanned it for us!

68000 and variants were used by many products produced by various
parts of DEC's Networking group on both sides of the Atlantic.
(The DECservers, the HUB stuff, many of the WAN host interfaces).

Antonio Carlini   
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