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From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 06:00:02 2003

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Antonio Carlini wrote:

> BTW: Someone else said that DS100 was the DEC first terminal
> server.
That was me.

> But the DECSA (PDP-11/24 based) preceded it. (I think
> that was code named Pluto; if it wasn't, then there must have
> been an even earlier one).
Yes, they prototyped the DS100 "idea" on a bare 11/24, which is
why the DS100/200/300/500 code still has the DE (DEUNA/DELUA)
driver (== Unibus eth. controller.) - the DS series have chips
that are DQ (DEQNA/DELQA) compatible. Still, the DECSA was not
intened for mass production [use], so, I'd say the DS100 was
the first "for mass use" DEC terminal server..

> The DS100 and DS200 didn't do telnet, at least none o fmine ever did
> and I think I had the latest download code for both of them. The
> DS300 did, and you may be right about V2.0 firmware being required.
Correct. DS100 and DS200 are LAT-only, DS300 V1.x was LAT-only, and
DS300 V2.x (and up) and others had IP support as well.

> Thickwire was common, but Thinwire was certainly on the up and up.
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