From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:03:00 2003

> I should have written below the URI: "On this web site is written:"
> > Linux was the first free OS to run on the Alpha (in 32-bit mode).
> Maybe. But runing in 32 bit mode on Alpha is typical Linux. Instead of
> doing it right from the beginning, make a kludge to get somthing running
> in some way.

The 32-bit port was just temporary to get by until Linus and Compaq got the
64-bit port working.

> > NetBSD was the first free 64-bit OS.
> As I wrote.
> > It predated the 64-bit version
> > of Linux/Alpha by about five months.
> Maybe. I don't care about Linux/Alpha.

I'm more of a SysV fan, so that's why I'm not big on NetBSD. I did try NetBSD
on my Alphastation 500/500 (1.6), but I had problems with the network when I
tried to use GigE with Jumbo packets.

> > Linux did support SMP on the Alpha in 64-bit mode long before NetBSD.
> Sure. NetBSD/Alpha (and NetBSD/VAX) SMP came with NetBSD 1.6. The
> "problem" with SMP and NetBSD is that the NetBSD folks are doing things
> The Right Way (C) (R) (TM) right from the start, even when The Right Way
> (C) (R) (TM) takes longer. SMP needs a lot of well thought out
> infrastructure work, especially on an OS that supports that many
> platforms like NetBSD. After the 1.6 release with SMP base support many
> platforms (notably sparc, macppc, i386) got SMP very quick.

The Linux SMP worked. As time went on, it worked better.

> Back to the original question about an OS for an Alpha to run MySQL:
> What about Tru64? There is a US$ 99 hobbyist licence available. I like
> NetBSD very much, but have to admit that Tru64 is a _far_ more capable
> OS.

I really prefer Tru64. I'm really not happy that HP is going with the
inferior HP/UX instead.
Eric Dittman
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