From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:07:00 2003

Jay, I'm sure no one thinks you are a "list nazi". You have filled your
role as list owner and moderator with common sense, tolerance and good
humor. As far as I'm concerned, it's your list, you make the rules. As
you said, if someone doesn't like, they can go start another list. I'm
just happy to be here.


Jay West wrote:

>With regards to the YADA10YR... I didn't know it was a discussion. The policy
>is "not manufactured for 10 years". However, I reserve the right to bend that
>occasionally when moderating posts, depending on the circumstances. It's
>handled on a case by case basis. I have no problems with someone asking about
>BIOS access on an old PC. Especially if it hits the 10 year no longer
>manufactured rule. Yes, "coolness factor" counts. But I will nix threads about
>general windows issues. This rule is not meant to restrict posting, it's meant
>to keep things on-topic. And yes, it is subjective, and I will use good common
>sense when pulling that rule off the shelf. If you don't think I'm capable of
>making that call... get some bandwidth, go install mailman..... If that makes
>me a list-nazi so be it.
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