From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 17:18:00 2003

Fred wrote...
> IIRC, he was grousing about the moderation and management of ANOTHER list.

Well... offlist... Sellam HAD sent me an email a week or two ago, asking
about posting a list of items for sale on the VCM forum, at least a few
times, till things get started. Since his post started with mention of that,
I ASSumed he was referring to that. If he had done the same thing on a
different list, and was referring to that incident, then it was an honest
(but understandable) mistake on my part. Honestly, if I was really dead set
against his posting the VCM list a few times to the classiccmp list, I would
have replied to it immediately. I wasn't terribly opposed to it, wanted a
bit of time to think about it, and then of course it fell to the bottom of
my task list. Surely collectively all the brainpower here can come up with a
way to keep all our jobs from interferring with our hobbies :)

I was watching YADA10YR turn into a long debate, and I just wanted to
attempt to nip it in the bud, as it looked like something that could go on
for a good while. All hail the "signal to noise ratio" :)

Jay West
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