Flamingo Dec3000 Model 500

From: .. <TRUTHANL_at_columbus.rr.com>
Date: Thu Sep 4 17:29:00 2003

I am trying to add a user acct to my Alpha System running Dec Unix 4.08.

I am logged in as root. When I use the GUI the error message I get when
trying to open AcctManager is that

bin/x11/dxacct requires system PRIVILEGED access. The dialog box has three
choices 1. RUN as ROOT; 2. RUN as ROOT, 3.Cancel : Either run as root times
out with no more dialog for create, or what ever....

When I pull up a terminal window and do "who" I see a "root console", a
"root TTY", and a third "root :0" user.

When I try running DXacct from the Bash 2.02# command line I get a message
stating "Another user" has the Passwd and Group files locked - Try again

What is wrong with my environment? Why three root instances? Can
someone suggest A better forum to get such an answer?

I am a Digest subscriber, contact me offlist at truthanl at columbus rr

Sincerely Larry Truthan
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